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Using Positive Psychology to Coach Emotional Intelligence

Self-Study 2021

Cost: $795

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Positive psychology is the scientific study of character strengths that enable individuals, teams, organizations and communities to thrive. The field is founded on the belief that people want to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives, to cultivate what is best within themselves, and to enhance their experiences of love work and play.

Our focus in this self-study course will be on the power of positive emotions, positive individual characteristics and traits, and positive institutions (including families, communities, and workplaces).

Understanding positive emotions requires the study of contentment with the past, happiness in the present and hope for the future. We will explore the capacity of love and work, resilience, creativity, curiosity, integrity, self-knowledge, self-control, courage, compassion and wisdom.

In this course, we will undertake an in-depth exploration of how to use positive psychology in coaching emotional intelligence, including:

  • How to use positive psychology and well-being questionnaires to generate awareness
  • The latest theories about positive psychology and how it relates to health, life satisfaction, reduction of stress, and productivity
  • How to use the neuroscience of positive psychology to bring about behavior change in individuals and groups
  • How to build families and schools that allow children to flourish
  • How to build a workplace that fosters satisfaction, engagement and high productivity
  • How to foster civility and civil engagement in our communities
  • How to use the burgeoning suite of positive psychology tools, exercises and interventions to make a difference with our clients

You will be sent a set of six, one-hour recordings from a past course session, so you feel like you are part of a live class, which you can listen to at a time convenient to you. To receive your certificate of completion, you are required to listen to each recording and submit a detailed summary of the content.  

You'll receive 6 credits from SHRM or HRCI upon completion. ICF credits cannot be awarded for self-study courses.

Your commitment is $795.



“The individual S+EI assessment along with a coaching session, is a real
eye opener for people and an awareness of how little they know about
themselves. I can’t wait to do a 360 Assessment.”
“Dr. Laura Belsten’s Social and Emotional Intelligence course has had a tremendous effect on my coaching business. I’ve created several coaching programs around this material including: Self-Awareness, Managing Your Life...My clients have been thrilled with the content and have given wonderful feedback reflecting substantial positive shifts in their lives. Coaching with this material is incredibly rewarding—I’m thrilled to be a part it!”
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