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Free Group Discussion:  The Spiritual Leader's Role in Developing Emotional Intelligence - Session 3

DATE: Tuesday, August 28th, 2018

TIME: 11 AM - 12 PM ET

Join us for an online discussion about the connection between emotional intelligence and the spiritual journey and how we can help bring EQ into our discussions, small groups, womens' groups, churches, spiritual leadership teams, etc. If you are a pastor, spiritual leader, youth director, small group facilitator, or an individual interested in discussing this intriguing topic with others who have a heart for incorporating emotional intelligence into our spiritual lives (and into the lives of your congregations, churches, teams, etc.), we want to hear your thoughts!

It’s free and will provide a terrific venue to connect with other like-minded professionals.



“The individual S+EI assessment along with a coaching session, is a real
eye opener for people and an awareness of how little they know about
themselves. I can’t wait to do a 360 Assessment.”
“Dr. Laura Belsten’s Social and Emotional Intelligence course has had a tremendous effect on my coaching business. I’ve created several coaching programs around this material including: Self-Awareness, Managing Your Life...My clients have been thrilled with the content and have given wonderful feedback reflecting substantial positive shifts in their lives. Coaching with this material is incredibly rewarding—I’m thrilled to be a part it!”
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